What to Expect on Sundays


Worship Service:  11am – noon

Nursery is not available at this time (Ages 0-2)

Reunion de Adoracion, servivios en Espanol:  2 – 3 pm


If you are experiencing Covid symptoms or not feeling well, we invite you to watch us online with Zoom. To request an invite please email us at willakenziechurch@gmail.com  

Our Worship
Welcome  (Ps. 133) – The coming together of the Church during these times offers amazing fellowship and encouragement. Take this time to gather among brothers and sisters in Christ as we begin our worship together
Worship through Song  (Ps. 146:1)  — God is honored when we lift our voice in praise and thanksgiving. We find that songs and hymns from all ages can beautifully help us express our adoration for  Him. 
What to Expect 1
Worship through Giving  (Prov. 3:9) –We worship God through giving back for Kingdom work and trusting him to provide our needs.  If you are new to us this is not asked of you.
Worship through Prayer  (James 5:13-16) – We have been given the gift of communing with God and believe He hears us.  Here we pray over the kids before they are dismissed for children’s church, thank God for his blessing, and offer intercession for the needs of the body.
Worship through the WORD  (Ps. 25:4,5) – We seek to be taught by the WORD and recognize our hearing of it and obeying it sets our life on a path of worship.  
Worship through Life (Eph. 4:1)— Worship is not just for Sundays. Has God spoken into your life today? How can you continue a heart of worship this week in responding to His voice?